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FY 1986 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0855152241068045e177c99c0a176069-D01

FY 1990 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8156054bd24e92e22d0f2523f01a3f51-D01

FY 1991 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3ccb91531b961a5e1988a1ce481081f8-D01

FY 1992 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 6b1d7f0f9296984096642c70104b9308-D01

FY 1993 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 6f45aaa2ec380d642d144c1e50a03ce9-D01

FY 1994 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: b559cdc18ca6404e4efa0430aa5b0690-D01

FY 1995 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 56c215ca635b91c6a8936c265b00d2da-D01

FY 1996 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5a474ed557aca15c2884c7cfade1a90a-D01

FY 1997 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 6f9559950dfd15d8786588e8c8616021-D01

FY 1998 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: c54c1cce2e0f22e39643bf546538a823-D01

FY 1999 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: ced4d8602d3c52da4d08f14be1abff26-D01

FY 2000 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2e71111df39ea7ae7a8c094d1089155b-D01

FY 2001 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: ff2288400a0f167357303303adc68cf6-D01

FY 2002 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 63f6ea12c74cd27ac77a056a9e85fa31-D01

FY 2003 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8a1b5609336130eb285c44d397e92e60-D00

FY 2004 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 75664cedc298b3420e3d21cd0e1a09d5-D01

FY 2005 Adopted Budget

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8a2a4ae0824fb2df3f9caad41a2d1571-D01

Goldwater Visits Portland

 Digital Record
Identifier: fb63596629b6adb31cc2048ce27fae7f-D01

Harry Truman and Deputy Walt Jahn photograph, 1948

 Digital Record
Identifier: d6e8022310735e09e457a61595aea7f8-D01

Hell and High Water

 Digital Record
Identifier: 300985ad3a3a4064d7619ba1418aa20a-D01

Hillside Photograph Album

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5b8d8a87ef10a1d93307b558077c45c4-D01

Historic courthouse photographs, 2020

 Digital Record
Identifier: c32c41a2612b69f9c2e25eed75aa398b-D00
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Historical Criminal Register, 1929-1935

 Digital Work
Identifier: 86d32aa27c00559dcfd83cc70ba10bd1-D00

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Touhey, Eleanor 15